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Im often asked HOW i see or KNOW when receiving information and what its like for me. So i thought id share a story of a real situation, that i feel may help to answer this in some way. Ill be sure to share more in the future as well in order to help this effort.

One day it was becoming apparent that id had allot of people coming in to my Natick office for a Medium reading. All were asking for the same results. To KNOW what has happened to a particular loved one. I kept getting an older Grandmother (in Spirit) figure appearing in my energy and thoughts. She was loving and kind in her vibration and made me feel it, her essence, in my being. She whispered to me that the person in my office needed to pray for a young man that was not accepting the light of God in his transition to Spirit world. He was stuck or floating in what I call "the flux capacitor" (im such an eighties child having watched the movie Back to the Future in which this is referenced) So he would benefit greatly from your actions of prayers. YES, they need our prayers as much as we need theirs too! This i have come to learn to be quite true! 

The several weeks prior many family members here on the earth plane (I always need to specify earth or Spirit), had been coming in for sessions and seeking to know if this person had crossed. They were now all hearing they needed their help with prayer to assist this person to cross over.

* I NEVER ask for last names when i schedule a session. My purpose is so you know i am not googling information about you. I operate with authenticity and integrity only. 

Finally a man came in for a session (another member of the same family). He had heard the "call to action" as I call it, to pray for the family member in Spirit who was struggling to accept Gods love and go into the light. As soon as he sat down in my office, i felt the presence of a man in his forties come in from Spirit and stand to my right side. When they stand on my right side, I know they are a male or connected through one, He revealed (as i heard) he was a "brother but not a brother" when i asked him how he was related to the physical male sitting in my office (earth plane). It was confusing to me, as i told the client in my office what he said. I asked if he thinks he may understand this. He said he thought so, So i continued. I asked the Spirit male how many kids were in his family? He answered 6 AND 9! Well that is confusing too but as i say, I am just "delivering the mail, its not for me to understand it," its only important that you do! I told the man what he had said. He understood it! So i continued to ask more questions of the Spirit.  (the answers come to me in the form of images in my mind.and hearing in my mind and felt things in my body.) I saw the 6 and the 9 appear when i closed my eyes. I decided to ask how he had passed to Spirit. I suddenly felt so nauseous, dizzy and unwell. I asked the Spirit man how he died. Did he pass by drugs? I heard yes! Was it an accident? I heard YES! He deeply regretted his path. I felt that regret. Which had obviously led to his demise. He was desperate to let his family know this was NOT an intentional overdose! He wanted to thank the man in my office. For he heard the "call to action" and prayed for him. In my mind he showed me a catholic prayer on a cell phone. He whispered, if he could read this to me (in Spirit) every minute he had of every day, then I MUST be worthy of the light of GOD! It was because of this "BROTHER but not a brother" that he choose to finally accept he was worthy of Gods love. Now that he had crossed to light the Spirit was able to now talk to me. (I only work with light beings) Whereas, previously, it was the Grandmother advocating for the young male in Spirit. Now He (Spirit loved one) had many private messages for specific family members like his parents that this Brother in my office was to (and did) deliver them to each person. As it turns out, the man in my office told me, other family had been to me previously but were told by a Grandmother type that they needed to pray for the loved one in Spirit. He took it seriously, and now could see that he was the catalyst to his brothers Spirit crossing over. He was one of 9 children in which 6 were adopted. That is why the man in my office was "his brother but not his brother". They were both adopted boys to the same parents. The family all  needed to know if the overdose was intentional. It was NOT. This was HUGE information to them.The sessions ripple of peace and healing flowed into the family as the news was spread. The man in my office emotions were unable to be held back as he cried tears of joy to know his brother was with God now and he had not intended to die that day. He was well! He was learning and healing on the other side. The Spirit loved one also promised to not make the same choices again. For he would never wish to cause his family the pain he saw once he crossed over, He had no idea that it would be that way for them. His pain had blinded him to others suffering. Now he could see. He was going to do everything he could to help his family heal now. He was (Spirit) so grateful for the prayers and not giving up on him, Here or hereafter! He loved them and was also healing himself on the other side thanks to their prayers and love! This was a healing experience for the family.

This was a very powerful session that taught the family & Myself, that prayers are powerful & healing! The doorway to reformation is never closed against any human Spirit willing to do the work of learning and healing with atonement to their actions here on the earth plane.

I am grateful to this family & the Spirit Man & God (& Grandmother figure) for such a powerful message.

This family still talks about this session to this day.

I love my work!