A Better Place Massage and Mediumship
When you need to move with grace or slow your pace, come to A Better Place!

About the Practitioner

Angela O'Loughlin formerly Angela Clifford of A Better Place Massage and Mediumship, has been in the field of healing since 1998. Certified through the Bancroft School of Massage in 1999 and Licensed through the Town of Natick in 1999 and since through the State of Massachusetts. She is also Certified as a Psychic Medium through the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism in Watertown and credentialed through the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches in Plymouth, MA. Angela is certified in Deep tissue, as a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and more!
Previous to her career as a Massage therapist she worked for many years certified in CPR and as a Nurses Aide and worked in elder care and infant care. She is listed on the Blue Cross Blue Shields Whole Health Network as a Credentialed Therapist offering discounts to their insured.
Angela treats the whole person. Through massage and energy healing she treats the body. Through her unique ability to connect the emotional body to the physical she treats the mind. Through her Mediumship she helps with the Spirit body.
Angela has always cared about people.  It seems a natural fit as a body worker and Medium to be able to help as many people as possible on all levels of healing.